Glass House Mountains

The area around the Glass House Mountains is known locally as Glasshouse Country. The town itself is located on the historic route to the Gympie goldfields, the track being opened up and made traversable by the Cobb & Co. coaching company in the 1860’s.

The township grew up around the staging station, now a historic listed building known as Bankfoot House which is open to the public. The staging yards opposite are still in existence and a restored Cobb & Co. coach can be viewed at the museum located there.

Known for its rich volcanic soil, it is no surprise that crops such as pineapples, strawberries, avocado, macadamia nuts and lychee are grown extensively in the region. Back packers and fruit pickers come from all over the world to work at harvest time. Until the mid 1980’s tobacco was also farmed. Now, one of Queensland’s largest commercial pine tree plantations is obvious as the traveller criss-crosses the area, surrounding the ancient peaks of the mountains which are sacred sites to the local indigenous traditional land owners.

The whole Sunshine Coast region is full of natural beauty, from the spectacular coastline to the inviting hinterland. Getting here is easy, with a direct rail network, public transport, and two major airports within an hour’s drive, making the region easily accessible to the many visitors who come here and enjoy our temperate climate, stunning scenery and abundance of fresh produce and locally produced items.